Tired of giving patients with CKD information about a low phosphorus diet that tells them to stop eating beans!?

Check out this easy-to-read, visually appealing patient education handout for a low phosphorus diet.

Promotes a more plant-based approach by focusing on eliminating phosphorus food additives and smaller portions of animal proteins before reducing plant proteins.

Education Information Includes:

  • Explanation of what phosphorus is, and why a low phosphorus diet is important for people with Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Clear distinction between artificial phosphorus and “natural” phosphorus in plant proteins
  • Table of high and low phosphorus food choices for each food group
  • Visual of how to find “PHOS” food additives on a Nutrition Facts label

Download includes 2 pages to be printed back-to-back and made into a tri-fold brochure.

Also available in a lower cost BUNDLE!